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Jackson Stevens Résumés
The Angel Group is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Jackson Stevens Résumés.

Jackson Stevens Résumés invented and then trademarked a 7-dimensional résumé communication system. It is unlike anything we have seen before and has proven very successful for countless leadership candidates. Utilizing their unique process, they produce a genuinely powerful document.

If you have ever missed out on a critical opportunity that you knew you had all the right credentials for, it was because your resume did not communicate it.

JSR only employs former CEO's from the search industry. Each has more than 20 years of leadership in the Search industry. They don't make it their "goal" to develop an interview generating resume. They make it a practice. Through our association, JSR offers Angel Group referred candidates a free résumé critique, during which you will quickly see what makes their resume system so effective.

We have experienced Jackson Steven's unique résumé critique. It's powerful and clear. Your résumé needs to make a strong first impression, we endorse the JSR system. Click here to get your free critique.

Make sure to tell them The Angel Group sent you!